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2022 Poster - Mustang - Sorry, Sold Out!

2021 Poster - Alfa Romeo

2019 Poster - Triumph - Sorry, Sold Out!

2018 Poster - Jaguar (Sorry! Sold Out)

2017 Poster - Cars of the Autobahn at the Glen (Sorry! Sold Out)

2016 Poster - Corvettes at the Glen (Sorry! Sold Out)

In an imaginary Watkins Glen race scene by Robert Gillespie, three famous Corvettes are shown coming through “The 90”, which was in the location of WGI’s Turn One. John Greenwood’s 1977 Corvette is followed closely by George Wintersteen’s IS Grand Sport Roadster as seen at the Glen in 1966. Jim Jefford’s 1958 winning Purple People Eater Corvette completes the historic line-up.

2015 Poster - Mazda at the Glen

2014 Poster - MGs at The Glen

2013 Poster - Minis at The Glen

This painting by local artist Robert Gillespie shows four original Austin Mini-Coopers rounding "The 90" at Watkins Glen during a mid-sixties Group C sedan race. These small economy cars became a British icon when modified by designer Alec Issigonis and his friend John Cooper. They proved highly successful in both rallying and racing as the 1275 cc engined "S" model. These front drive cars were entertaining as they would characteristicly lift the inside rear wheel in the slower turns as depicted here in car number 7.

2012 Poster - Donohue/Hansgen GT- 350 R (SOLD OUT)

This painting by local artist Robert Gillespie shows three historic Mustangs: Mark Donohue and Walt Hansgen’s 1965 GT-350 R, Jerry Titus’ 1967 Trans-Am sedan, and Dan Gurney’s 1969 Mach 1. The artist has creatively shown them together in the original pits area which was located between Turns 1 and 2. The Donohue/Hansgen car is depicted as it would have looked exiting the pits during the last stages of the 1965 Glen 500. This pit stop to replace a left front tire cost them second place overall, although they won the B-Production class.

2011 (Sold Out)





2006 (Sold Out)




2000 (Sorry! Sold Out)

1999 - Sorry, Sold Out!

1997 - Sorry, Sold Out!

1996 - Sorry, Sold Out!

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