Volunteer at the Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen

1983 Ford Mustang GT Turbo

The owner's story: "I've owned this car for twenty years but only just finished the restoration to the body and interior last year. The engine comes next. But the car already has some improvements that have been done over the years.

For the suspension that car was upgraded to springs and shocks befitting a V8 car. Along with those it was fitted with a large anti-roll bar front and back. the brakes are factory but the car is now running on 16 inch wheels with 225/50's up front and 55's out back. Harder red urethan bushing were also installed to reduce body roll and flex.

The engine transmission and rear end are all stock but a Boost brother intercooler has been added along with K&N air filter and 3 in, piping to the turbo, The exhaust is a 2-1/2 in. pipe running off the "cat" straight to the rear of the car. A 9 inch clutch and a B&M short shifter take care of the shifting duties to give me a great little car that's a hoot to drive and shows up a lot of cars with bigger displacements."

1972 Camaro (photographed with 2017 version)

The owner's story: "I bought this 1972 Camaro when I was 19 years old. It was sitting in a field, with a big red sale sign on it. It needed a motor, transmission, rear end and the body was filled with bondo. I had almost ZERO knowledge of cars so the Camaro became a major learning project. I made a LOT of mistakes along the way, but the knowledge gained was priceless. I learned how to build a motor, transmission and just about everything mechanical related to the car. The car was never a Sunday driver, I drove it hard and fast, with many passes at the drag strip. As I got older and the life changes that we all go through, the car got parked and sadly... forgotten.

Well Iím happy to say after 24 years of owning this car, it now has turned into a father and son project. We have started with a slight over haul of the motor (355, forged 11:1 pistons, forged crank, heavy duty forged rods, forged roller cam and completely modified GM heads that include titanium valves and springs). Our plan is to have the bodywork and new paint along with interior work completed by July 2017."

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle

Chevrolet Corvair

1969 Syrenka 104 from Poland

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1985 Fiat 126B

1971 FSM Syrena 105L

1971 MGB

1968 Lotus Seven Series 2

1974 VW "Westy" Camper named "Clementine"

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