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1963 Mongoose Grandsport

The owner says "Iíve wanted a Grand Sport, of which only five exist for years. The last one to go up for sale was a no sale at $7.5 million. I wasnít going to get a loan to bid on an original. This car was built by Mongoose Motorsports of Ravina, Ohio in 2006/2007 for a customer who didnít realize he was buying a barely street legal race car. He sold it after 500 miles to a car dealer in Mt Zion Illinois. I found it there several years ago with only 3800 miles on it. It was on a kit car web site, even though itís not a kit car (I donít think he really wanted to sell the car, but was showing his wife that he was attempting to sell it). It has an Illinois VIN number. It was the car I was looking for. After several years of calling to inquire about the car, things worked out and I was able to purchase the car.

Itís body is exactly as A J FOYTís car with Mecom Racing at Sebring and Daytona in '64 and '65. The last they were used the cars had a 427 NASCAR mystery motor with 500 hp, so this has a ZZ502 cu in crate motor with 502 hp, but has a Tremac 6 spd and Dana 44 rear. Its tube frame is like the original but just a little thicker tubing is used. Mongoose makes the body, molding the fiberglass quite a bit thinner than the original '63 Corvette. At about 2600 lbs total weight, you do have to pay attention. With very little spare parts to choose from Mongoose uses C-4 and C-5 suspension parts, including brakes, which required the 17 inch replica wheels to fit the larger brakes inside the wheels.

I take the car to shows and for track days, using another set of wheels with Hoosier road race slicks. This car was part of a display at Corvette tribute weekend inside of the Simeone Museum here in Philadelphia last October. I hear the museum is going to clean up the original Winterstein car that they displayed along side my replica. It was an honor to be part of the Corvette racing tribute. "

Daimler Dart (SP250) photo taken at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

The owner's son says "My father has always admired the Daimler Dart (SP250). As a hobby we restore Corvettes. We currently have a 54 and 56 which we resorted every nut and bolt on and we just acquired a rough 55. As much fun as they are to restore, I can say it's more about the memories for me. It could be a Vega or Pinto, its more about spending time together.

Since we are skilled with fiberglass, my father always had his heart set on a Dart. He loved the looks and especially loved the 2.5L Hemi Engine. My siblings and I wanted to do something special for our father's 60th Birthday this past March. We immediately thought of getting him the car he has always loved but they are tough to find. We looked for the better part of a year before finding the car on Hemmings.

The car was perfect. It needed some work but thats what my father loves to do. We bought it last September and surprised him with it in March. He had no idea and was absolutely shocked. It truly was everything we had hoped for and more! I don't think my father has stopped driving the car this year."

1972 Chevrolet Camaro

1993 Mitsubishi 3000GT-VR4. The owner says "It is dark metallic green with a light tan leather interior. It has a 3.0 liter double overhead cam fuel injected aluminum V-6 engine with twin turbo-chargers and an intercooler. The engine is attached to a 5-speed manual transmission. The car has all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, active suspension, and active aero (front spoiler and rear wing). I am the second owner of this car. It has 87,600 miles on it, and it is all original. Every option on the car works."

1964 Morris Mini

1959 MGA

1981 VW Scirocco - The owner says "The car is originally from California and moved to Ontario Canada in 2004, I then purchased it this year from that owner. It is an 1981 Scirocco in Alpine White with a rare factory sun roof and has been modified tastefully to be used as a track car by its original owner and previous owner. It has had every suspension performance option (sports shocks/springs, sway bars stiffeners etc) added, a 1987 VW GTI 8V engine swapped into it as well as many other performance helping changes."

1978 Porsche 928 - The owner says he recently bought it, and has learned it is a pretty rare car. Of 1161 cars made for the US market, only 78 remain. Of these, only 8 are black 5 speed manual cars.

1951 Plymouth Cambridge - It has a 230 cubic inch flat head 6 cylinder engine and a one barrel Carter carb. The extensive performance modifications include a dual exhaust, full hubcaps and rear fender skirts, 6.70 - 15 wide white wall bias ply tires, and the full width external sun visor.

1983 1/2 Ford Mustang GT Turbo - The owner says "My car is a very rare 83 1/2 Mustang Gt Turbo. Of which only 604 were made. The Gt Turbo's were only an 84 model and never made after that. There were fewer that 4000 made in the whole run. Its powered by a 2.3 liter turbo charged overhead cam engine. The car came from the factory minus the intercooler of the SVO but this car has had a larger intercooler retrofitted. It also has been equipped with a heavier suspension system that included urethane busing and large anti roll bars. The car has just returned from a two year restoration with body and interior completely redone. Shes seen laps at the track The Glen and holds her own pretty well on street tires. I've owned the car for 20 years and have put the last 50k miles of the 175k that she has on her and still running strong."

1973 MGB affectionatley known as 'The Rat' - The owner says "This car was pulled out of the mud behind a body shop in Pennsylvania in 2010. With the application of some used parts and plenty of elbow grease it is alive. Too good to crush, to bad to restore. But we never have to be concernned about parking lot dings."

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