Volunteer at the Grand Prix Festival of Watkins Glen

1958 (mostly...) Lancia Appia "Barn Find"

The story from owner Mike "Fuzzy Nutz" Space:

When I got this car it was a totally immaculate concourse winner. As I worked on it, it began to rust and the finish deteriorated. I painted it several times, and each time it got worse until it looks like it does now. I took great pains to ensure that the engine would smoke copiously, and installed torn red leather upholstery to replace the expensive custom made seats that were in it. Many hours were spent sourcing bent and pitted trim to replace the immaculate pieces that were on the car when I found it. It is truly a beauty.

Okay, now how íbout a real bio for the car ?

This is one of three Appia berlinas I got as partial payment for some work I did on another Lancia. It had been sitting in the guyís dry garage for many years, and though its previous life in southern California had saved it from any major rust, the sun and 85,000 miles had toasted the finish and pretty much used up the mechanical bits. I took the engine and brakes from one of the parts cars, which was a slightly later specification, and rebuilt everything for installation in this one. Most of the other bits and pieces needed were gathered from the parts cars, including, thankfully, one good transmission from the five included (first gear tends to go away on these cars). One of them had a tolerable red leather interior, which Iím using after much leather softener. The finish will stay as it is, itís just too cool and funky like it is.

1969 Alfa Romeo Berlina
Owned by the festival's own Casey "Keep up with the car ahead of you!" Creamer

The Story: As for the Alfa (Alfa Tomata) it is a '69 Alfa Romeo Berlina 1750 although the Burdett Hill claimed the original 1750 so it now has a 2 litre in it that is pretty much the same motor anyway. It is a twin overhead cam hemi with something close to a tuned header in the completely stock configuration and mechanical fuel injection (fool infection) and 4 wheel disk brakes.

Basically this car in Italy was considered a grocery getter and also used as taxi cabs and police cars. Did I mention this one sports a Nardi steering wheel? (probably worth more than the whole car) Never one to worship trailer queens this is not only a good old solid driver but it has participated in a number of ice races and European style (wheel to wheel) rallycrosses.

One of the ice races it was in was the AMEC Historic Ice Races on Lake George when it happened to be racing against (beating) the 544 Volvo that is also in this yearís Concours d LeMons when it was driven by its previous owner who has this year entered the Lancia Appia... Mike Space aka "Fuzzy Nutz".

This Beauty is no garage queen!

Fun on the ice

Nose to Nose with a fellow LeMons Entry

1959 Volvo PV544

Just like driving back in Sweden...

Tim Meddaugh's Corvair returns for a second appearance

1966 Citroen DS19 Pallas

FSM Syrena 105L - two stroke, three cylinder, front wheel drive

1974 Jensen-Healey

Is it real, or is it a replica???

There will be two Volvo P1800s on display.

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